Brookhill Center Industries, Inc.

Brookhill Center Industries, Inc.

Brookhill Center Industries, Inc.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Brookhill Industries, Inc. is to assist and support individual choices in social, emotional, and economic growth by providing the highest quality services through a team approach.

VISION STATEMENT:  Brookhill Industries, Inc. is to provide in the future a broad sense of community awareness that improves the quality of all our lives through a true partnership of individuals, families, staff, board, and neighbors.

Brookhill Industries, Inc. was established in 1972 as a non-profit corporation, providing quality work, diversified production and special services to business and industrial firms in Northwest Ohio. Brookhill served as a sub-contractor for many leading companies in Putnam County and other surrounding counties. Brookhill has a workforce of 85 employees and warehouse space of over 5000 square feet. We have the ability to ship and receive and can meet any of your transportation needs for production.

For the first 45 years we continued to flourish providing sub-contract work for various companies through Vocational Habilitation but since January of 2017 we are now a Day Habilitation program also which provides many great opportunities for all Individuals. We have developed a program that will meet all the needs of any Individual whether it be Vocational or Day Habilitation. 

Brookhill Industries was initially part of the Putnam County Board from 1972 until the separation mandate from the State of Ohio and the Federal Government.  Brookhill Industries is now standing alone as a private provider serving individuals of Putnam County. 

Leadership starts with great staff. Brookhill Industries, Inc. has veteran staff with many having over 15 years of experience. The staff here at Brookhill understand the Individuals and have great leadership and communication skills. They are very motivated to provide the best day possible for all Individuals whether it be in work and Vocational Habilitation or in activities and Day Habilitation. Each Individual receives our utmost attention and the staff strive to provide the best day each person can have.

Adult Day Services
Day Habilitation services can assist Individuals to acquire, retain or improve their self-help, socialization and adaptive skills, including communication, travel and other areas of adult education. Activities and environments are designed to foster the development of skills and appropriate behavior, greater independence, community inclusion, relationship building, self-advocacy and informed choice. Additionally, Individuals accessing Day Habilitation often contribute to their communities in various ways.  We have developed a program that will meet all the needs of any Individual.

Work for Area Businesses
Brookhill Industries, Inc. has a workforce of 85 employees and warehouse space of over 5000 square feet. We have the ability to ship and receive and can meet any of your transportation needs. Brookhill is ISO 9001:2015 certified which will provide continuous improvement for our customers by providing the highest quality standards. We can do various operations such as assembly, bagging, labeling, packaging, pallet manufacturing and many other operations. We can increase profitability, product quality, turnaround time, reduce bottlenecks, eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce inventory. For a solution to cutting cost and maintaining a high- quality level, give Brookhill a call and become one of our satisfied customers.

Transportation Services
Transportation is provided to and from Brookhill Industries, Inc. Individuals that are eligible for our program and on a waiver will have the opportunity to be picked up in A transit van each day when attending Brookhill.

Activities Opportunities
If work and vocational training is not what you are looking for then you may be interested in our activities program through our Day Habilitation program. Brookhill Industries, Inc. provides many activities each day to provide awareness in many areas. Our dedicated activities staff develop an extensive calendar tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Brookhill offers opportunities to engage, enjoy, express, learn, and grow each day. We provide physical activities, creativity through drawing and painting, discuss new goals and interest, offer book club and many outings to various locations in the area to enhance your community experiences.
Special Olympics
The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for adults with developmental disabilities. Special Olympics gives them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, the opportunity to demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

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