Miller City-New Cleveland Local School

Miller City-New Cleveland Local School

Miller City-New Cleveland Local School

The mission of Miller City-New Cleveland School is to establish and to improve the basic skills of all children. We exist to provide an environment that creates positive experiences that contribute to each child’s self-worth. We will foster a climate conducive to learning by encouraging high scholastic standards, good citizenship, and good attendance. It is our belief that all children can learn. It is our hope that through our efforts, our children will become responsible, contributing members of society.

The Miller City-New Cleveland Local School District is one of nine public school districts in Putnam County. The Miller City-New Cleveland School is a K-12 facility and opened in August 2003. At present, the district enrolls approximately 515 total students. The Miller City and New Cleveland communities are located in the heart of Putnam County within 40 minutes of Defiance, Findlay, and Lima.

Miller City High School is a four-year comprehensive high school with a nine-period academic day and holds its students to the highest academic standards. The high school currently implements a 1:1 iPad program. Students have the opportunity to enroll in career-tech pathways such as Agribusiness, Biomedical, Business and Engineering. MCHS has a highly-qualified staff allowing the school to offer fifteen on-campus College Credit Plus courses for a potential of 50 semester hours of college credit.

Miller City-New Cleveland Middle School is a Grades 6-8 experience with a nine-period academic day. We give students the opportunity to really discover who they are and what they want to become.  We offer a rigorous educational experience to better prepare our students for high school. A wide array of course offerings in the middle school allows students to have a taste of several educational pathways in order to begin the decision-making process with high school scheduling. Students have access to Chromebooks and teachers use interactive projectors to enhance instruction and the learning environment.

Miller City-New Cleveland Elementary School is a Grades K-5 building that offers our students a terrific developmental experience. We put a heavy emphasis on building a solid educational base for our students so they can succeed in their secondary, post-secondary and employment endeavors. The elementary building also believes in the importance of the students’ social and emotional learning and that the eventual success of our students is dependent upon a strong partnership among family, school and community. Miller City-New Cleveland Elementary has a highly qualified and committed staff that continually works to deliver  high-quality instruction for our students.

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