Since its founding in the early 1990’s, Pretium Packaging has emphasized superior quality, value and customer service, becoming one of the most trusted suppliers of rigid packaging solutions. Using both custom packaging solutions and stock containers, Pretium helps brand owners across the world select the right solution for their products. All of Pretium’s decisions around acquisitions and partnerships are grounded in these principles, along with an unrelenting focus on maintaining strong relationships with the customers and brands that enabled Pretium Packaging to achieve the results it sees today.

Pretium’s story is rooted in market knowledge, product innovation and enabling technologies through highly responsive operations.

Throughout the 1990’s, Pretium focused on expansion within the US and Canada, into the East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, and Canada through acquisitions of Blanke Plastics (1992), Simi Corp (1997), Pocono PET (1997), Robb Container (1998), and Leabrooke (1998). From early on, Pretium aimed to be in close proximity to customers and continues to do so with an international footprint.

Transitioning into the 2000’s, Pretium worked to expand into the Northeast and Southeast, acquiring Novapak Corp (2010) with plants across the east coast and in Illinois. The Tri-Delta Plastics (2014) & Intertech Corp (2015) acquisitions solidified Pretium’s Mid-Atlantic and Southeast footprints with plants in Hillsborough, NJ and Greensboro, NC.

Here is a summary of Pretium’s most recent mergers, all with the focus of providing market-focused value to its customers:

2016 – Custom Blow Molding – CBM was, and continues to be, one of the most respected providers of packaging for the Nutrition & Wellness category. CBM has the most complete line of Nutrition & Wellness Packaging solutions in the industry: from bottles as small as 2 oz to over 2 gallons, available in a variety of materials including HDPE, PET, & PP, and all including the perfect closure to fit.

2017 – Patrick Products – With over 40 years of experience, the Patrick name has been synonymous with high-quality products, services, and innovative thinking in the household and industrial market. With an initial focus on high-cavitation HDPE processing in Northwest Ohio, Pretium acquired Patrick Products in 2017 and now provides the ability to combine all capabilities to service the entire market across all locations in North America.

2018 – Cox Container in Troy, AL brought additional HDPE manufacturing capability and strategic presence in the Southeast.

2019 – Olcott Plastics joined the Pretium Family, reinvigorating the Personal Care packaging capabilities. Acquisition of Olcott Plastics made Pretium the market leader in single-wall and double-wall plastic jars. St. Charles facility offers R&D and secondary services.

2019 – Starplex was founded in 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in specimen collection containers and swab kits. The company created the Mediplast HDPE packer line for generic drugs and nutraceuticals in 2005, and Starplex expanded to Tennessee in 2008 to service the U.S. market with bottles and diagnostic products.  The Mediplast Division of Starplex Scientific specializes in premium quality bottles for the pharmaceutical and nutriceutical markets. The brand was acquired by and adopted as Pretium’s Healthcare brand in 2019. Starplex is the recognized leader of quality specimen collection jars, diagnostic swab kits, and plastic containers for the medical and consumer health markets.

2021 – while all years have been impactful, 2021 was particularly transformational; Pretium acquired Alpha Packaging in October followed by Grupo Edid in December. Alpha Packaging provides both equivalent and complementary capabilities across the US and Canada and expands Pretium Packaging into Europe. Grupo Edid brings a state of the art facility and new capabilities, including thin-wall packaging and printed cardboard.

Along with these acquisitions came game-changing capabilities in multiple markets with the same goal – serve customers effectively with high quality packaging as quickly as possible.

Any conversation about Pretium’s history would not be complete without a discussion of sustainable packaging. For more than 15 years, Pretium has worked with customers to use more sustainable materials such as post-consumer resins and bioresins. We also embark on source reduction initiatives, and have light-weighted our bottles and jars by as much as 28% for some projects. We’ve served as an R&D partner to universities, private companies and inventors who all seek the develop packaging that is kind to the Earth.

Without loyal customers and suppliers, support from family and friends, our story would not have happened.

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